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By Jason Miller, 07/07/22, 8:30AM EDT


1.  Can my daughter play club a full season even if she plays other high school sports?

Yes, however she must be committed to attending as many practices as possible even when it isn't convenient.  She is allowed three misses then must make-up the rest by attending other practice times.

2.  Does the attendance policy only affect the "National" team?

NO, this is across all levels and all teams. We understand many of our athletes are participating in other sports, however we had too many practices this past season where only 5-6 players showed up.  It's really hard to run a effective practice with only half the team present.

3.  What happens if my daughter misses more than 3 practices and doesn't make them up?

A player will have to sit a full set for each missed practice after 3. This will occur during the next match played.

4.  Prior to signing a contract will we know who our coach and teammate are?

Yes and No...You will know the coach prior to signing, but I can't guarantee rosters because I will not know who will or will not accept our offer.

5.  Will we know our practice schedule prior to signing a contract?

We will be doing our best to have our practice schedule set prior to contracts being signed, however this can change based off the number of teams we are able to secure in each age group.

6.  If my daughter plays a high school sport do they have to play in the early or late season.

NO, it's just an option to give them a club experience that better fits there schedule.  The attendance policy will still be in place regardless of the team they are on.

7.  What happens if my daughter has to miss a tournament?

The most of the schedules will be set prior to making a commitment to a team.  This should allow plenty of planning time.  However, we do allow for one tournament date to be missed, anymore than that must get pre-approval from the club.

8.  Do I have to sign a contract to get on a team?

No you don't.  We will still have tryouts in the fall as usual.  However some teams will have fewer spots available at tryouts.

9. What's the purpose of the contract?

The contract will guarantee your daughter a place on a specific team.  This will allow for early planning on your part and she wouldn't need to tryout in the fall.

9.  If my daughter doesn't get an offer does that mean the club doesn't want her?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We need to allow some wiggle room for new incoming talent at every level.   Therefor we can't offer spots to every player currently in our club.  We will look to secure enough to have a team then fill in the remaining roster at tryouts in the fall.