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Private Lessons

Private Lesson Court Reservation

Private lessons are available in 1 hour increments. 

To reserve a private lesson you must now complete the following steps.

1.   If you would like to do a private lesson and don't know which coach you would like to instruct the lesson then please contact Jason Miller at

2.  If you know which coach you would like to do your lesson then please contact them and verify a day and time for the lesson.

3.  Once you know when the lesson is happening then reserve your court by CLICKING HERE .  All court reservations for private lessons are NON-refundable.

4.  Once you reserve your court you will pay each coach directly.


$30 for current Black Swamp players

 $40 for all others.

Groups of 2 or more:

$20 per person up to 6 players

To request a private session contact