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Recent Black Swamp 15-3 News

Optimistic News

By Jason Miller 03/26/2020, 2:45pm EDT

Black Swamp Nation, it is with great optimism that I am posting this update.  Over the last couple days I’ve been working diligently in trying to come up with a positive solution for all.   I have had several conversations with other club directors and have more conference calls in the coming days. I have laid the ground work for what I believe is our best attempt to salvage our club season.

1st- There are a few tournaments like the MEQ (rescheduled for May 30-June 1st) and some JVA tournaments that are on our schedules and are not yet canceled.  If those tournaments are a go, or if the OVR magically reappears we will attend those events, so please don’t write them off completely.

2nd- After talking with our board last night and getting their approval, I am moving forward in the planning and running of independent tournaments later in May and early June.  These tournaments would be run in conjunction with other local clubs. They would provide opportunities for your daughter to train a full season and compete against other teams. It would also provide our club the opportunity to fulfill our commitment in practice time and in play dates for your daughter.  We understand it’s not a perfect solution, but given the current situation we all believed it is a win win for everyone.


3rd- I will remain optimistic that we will be able to resume life with less restrictions in May and we will once again be able to have some form of practice,  However, if that isn’t possible the board and I have discussed some other possible alternative solutions. If in fact we are unable to gather to practice and/or compete in May and June we will reevaluate the current plan and share with you what our next plan will be.


Again, we appreciate your patience as we work through this horrible situation.  Please know we are doing everything in our power to give your daughter all the volleyball opportunities she deserves.

Be Safe be Strong


OVR season has been CANCELED

By Jason Miller 03/24/2020, 8:45am EDT

Dear Black Swamp Family,

I received an email last night from the OVR stating that they are cancelling the remainder of the club season. 

Understand I'm not upset or question their decision.  I get it and fully support the decision they made, however I'm absolutely heartbroken.  As most of you are aware volleyball is my family's life.  The amount of time, energy , and love we've committed to this club is unmeasurable.  Just like all of you I absolutely loved watching my daughters' grow as players and compete like champions for Black Swamp every weekend. Admittedly, I was still holding on to a glimmer of hope that I would get to see them on the court  a few more times this season.

With that said, I understand many of you have questions.  Please, I ask that you be patient as we begin to fully understand what  the economic impact of cancelling our season will look like.  I have already email our club Board and am planning to meet very soon to discussion options and as well as putting a plan together to keep Black Swamp moving forward.  I promise to keep everyone up-to-date once more information is available.

Tough times create tough people.

Stay Safe Stay Strong!


Major Tournament Cancellations or Reschedules

By Jason Miller 03/20/2020, 10:45am EDT

All tournaments, lessons, and practices are shut down through March 31st.  There is strong reason to believe this will be extended for a longer period.  If and when we are able to again train I will let all of you know.

The MEQ has possibly been postponed to either  May 23rd and/or May 30th weekends.  If that doesn't work then I believe they will cancel this tournament as well.  More information to follow.

Windy City Qualifier has been canceled

OVR National Bid-has been canceled.

Stay healthy stay safe!